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Toy Yak and MV Creations are committed to protecting your on-line privacy when visiting this web site, or any other web site operated by MVCreations. We do not collect and keep any personal information online from you unless you volunteer it and you are 13 or older. We also do not collect and keep personal information online from children under the age of 13 without their parent’s consent except in limited circumstances authorized by law and described in this policy. Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with our policies on web site privacy, so that you can take full advantage of all the fun stuff available at our sites for you and your family. Please remember that this site and the servers that make this site available are located in the U.S. By using this site you agree to the transfer, collection, processing and use of data by this site.


Toy Yak and MV Creations adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and the guidelines of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. in our websites. Parents, you can help by spending time online with your children and monitoring your children’s online use. Please help us protect your child’s privacy by instructing them never to provide personal information on this site or any other without your permission.


Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Collect Any Personal Information About Me if I’m 13 or older?

Toy Yak and MV Creations do not require anyone to share any personal information about themselves in order to enjoy any of our web sites. That means you can visit our sites without any need to register with us. However, most of our sites contain special sections and privileges for members that register. We do not collect any personal information from you unless it is voluntarily provided, for instance when signing a guestbook, registering for contests, downloads, or free demos, completing our online customer surveys or purchasing products. The personal information we ask for is usually first and last name, mailing address, phone number and an e-mail address. See below for how we use this information. Remember, only people who are 18 or older may purchase products from our online stores.

What Ordering Information Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Collect Online in the E-store?

We may offer opportunities to purchase products online in our e-stores. Customers must be over age 18 with a valid credit card. When a customer places an order or requests a catalogue online, we collect information associated with the transaction. This information includes the customer’s name, mailing address, products ordered, shipping addresses, and credit card information. We ask for this information so that we may fulfill the order or catalogue request. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect credit card data during transmission, and adopt careful internal procedures to safeguard this information in our system.Customers have the option of registering certain information for future orders while completing their online order. For the customers who choose to register, we will capture their login name, password, name and mailing address, alternate ship-to addresses, and credit card information. When registered customers return to the site to place subsequent orders, they can identify themselves with login name and password.If a customer includes a child’s birth date and e-mail address, this information will only be used to help us provide products and services that meet customer needs.When a customer places an online order, we will send a confirming e-mail message. We may also send an occasional e-mail featuring a special promotion or product that may be of interest to our customers. Any customer who prefers not to receive an online order confirmation or promotional e-mails should indicate this preference on the E-store order form. If you do receive an e-mail from us that you would rather not receive, simply follow the unsubscribe instructions included in the e-mail.

Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Collect Any Personal Information About Anyone Under 13?

On our websites for children, we do not collect personal information online from children under 13 without their parent’s consent except in special, limited circumstances. If your child is under 13 and wants to use our children’s sites with special activities, like scavenger hunts, personalized pages, games or clubs, we might ask your child to “register” by giving us a first name and their e-mail address. When we ask for your child’s first name, your child is encouraged to use a “screen name” (not their real name) that only they know. Sometimes we will ask your child to make up a special password so that only they can see their customized areas on the site. With your verifiable consent, we may collect personal information from your child such as a last name, address and e-mail address when the information is necessary for a particular activity. If we need more than just your child’s first name (or screen name) and e-mail address for your child to participate in a particular online activity, we usually will ask your child for your e-mail or mailing address so that we get your permission for your child to provide the information. When we ask for your permission, we will tell you what we will do with the information you or your child provide us, and we will tell you how you can review your child’s information and ask us to delete the information. We don’t keep your (or your child’s) e-mail address unless you tell us it is ok.

Toy Yak and MV Creations might collect an e-mail address and first name (or screen name) from your child under 13 without your consent, but only in the following special cases:

  • If a child under 13 sends a request to us, we keep their e-mail address for long enough to respond to them. Toy Yak and MV Creations deletes this information from our system after we answer their question.
  • If a child under 13 signs up for an e-mail newsletter, or other activity which requires multiple online contact with the child, we also ask the child for a parent’s e-mail address so we can notify you and give you an opportunity to opt out.
  • Occasionally, Toy Yak and MV Creations has special site activities or promotions like sweepstakes or contests which are open to children even if they are under 13. In these activities, we are not allowed to ask for more information from your child than what is necessary for your child to participate in the activity.

In the latter situation we require your child to give us your e-mail address, too, so that we can tell you that they have registered in a promotion or for a service. If we need more than an e-mail address and first name (or screen name) to enter your child in the promotion or offer the service, we will notify you, explain what information we need and why, and generally ask that you (not your child) provide it. For instance, we might ask you for your mailing address so that we can send to you, for your child, any prizes your child wins, or for your telephone number so that we can tell you when your child has won. Any information you or your child gives us in the above special circumstances will be deleted from our database once the promotion, program or activity is concluded, and after any legally required period for keeping such information is complete.

We do not require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in a contest, game or other activity as a condition of participation. Upon proper identification, parents may review the personal information we have collected about their child, request deletion, or refuse to allow further collection or use by sending us an e-mail request to us at However, if you ask us to delete your child’s information, we may have to ask your child not to participate in our activities.

What Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Do With the Information We Collect?

We use the personal information we collect for the purposes indicated at the time you provide such information. For instance, if you register in a contest, we will use the registration information to notify contest winners, or if you purchase a product, we will use the information to fulfill the order. Occasionally, and only with consent at the time we ask for information, we might also e-mail or mail you to provide information on upcoming MV Creations products, web site updates and promotions. If you want to stop receiving updates and product information from Toy Yak and MV Creations at any time, just e-mail us at Please type “Unsubscribe” in the subject line of the e-mail. Our mailings and e-mails will also include information allowing you to ask not to receive such information in the future.

Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Share Information About Me With Others?

We may share collected information from online surveys, polls, and contests minus any user information with licensing partners or affiliates of that product. Your personal user information will never be shared with these affiliates. In special circumstances, Toy Yak and MV Creations may give other companies access to our information database, but only if necessary to allow them to provide database or server maintenance or security, help us process and fulfill orders or requests, or provide other similar services to Toy Yak and MV Creations. If we do provide access, we require those other companies to sign confidentiality agreements promising to keep secret any information they see. If Toy Yak and MV Creations believes that anyone’s behavior on our sites may damage us or our sites or anyone else, we may disclose the relevant personal information in order to prevent this harm. In that case, we might try to identify the wrongdoer, contact them or bring legal action against them. We may also disclose personal information if we believe that the disclosure is required by law, or in response to a legal request.

How Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Use Cookies?

A “cookie” is a small file that we save on your computer’s hard drive which contains non-personal information. Our cookies help to give you faster access to pages you have already visited; they allow you to personalize your pages and us to customize our offerings; and they help you to participate in some activities or events on the site. For instance, some of our sites have scavenger or treasure hunts, and we need to use cookies to keep track of your progress. If you leave the site and then return, cookies will tell us what things you have already collected so that you do not have to start all over again. Cookies keep track of items in your shopping cart and wish list. We also use cookies to help us figure out how many people visit our sites, which of our web pages they stop at and how long they stay there. This information helps us figure out which of our web features are a smashing success and what sites might need improvement! For administrative purposes, we collect IP addresses, which is the automatic number assigned to your computer when you surf the web. The IP address allows us to count total number of “hits” on our sites. However, your IP address and cookie is not connected to any personally identifiable or on-line contact information like a name and address, so you and your family remain anonymous.

Does Toy Yak and MV Creations Ever Collect Information without Consent?

Toy Yak and MV Creations does not collect information passively through cookies or other tracking mechanisms except in the circumstances described above. Cookies DON’T contain any personal information about a specific user. We don’t use cookies or other non-consensual methods to take personally identifiable or on-line contact information about you or your family off of your computer. Except for certain activities like treasure hunts, which we talked about above, Toy Yak and MV Creations don’t use cookies for direct marketing or promotional purposes. Cookies are also not used to collect information specifically about you or your family for sharing with third parties.

And Finally…

We want you and your family to have fun surfing all our sites and urge you and your family to follow common sense whenever disclosing personal information – on this site or anywhere on the Internet. Thanks for reading our privacy statement. We hope you have a better understanding of the many activities offered on our web sites and the ways in which we really are committed to safeguarding online privacy. Remember, we may change our policy from time to time. When this happens we will notify you of the new policy by posting it on our sites.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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