• Will you sell me any of the products you review?

    • We do not make it a practice to sell products directly to fans and collectors. The review products you see are usually kept in our collections, returned to the company per their request, or used in Toy Yak contests as prizes.

  • Will you review my custom collectible or independent product line?

    • We typically review product you can find in major brick and mortar or online retailer outlets. But we’ll sometimes review independent toy lines. It depends on if we have time, the availability of your product to the public and our own interest in your product. While we cannot make any guarantees that we will review your product, please contact us at Toy Yak with your request. We may or may not reply to your inquiry so please do not be offended if you do not receive a response.

  • What is the name of your yak mascot?

    • His name is currently a mystery to us. We might do a naming contest one day. Stay tuned!

  • When will you reply to my e-mail?

    • For various reasons, we do not reply to all e-mails we receive. Those reasons include but are not limited to an inability to answer your questions or address your comments, inappropriate content in your correspondence, and spam filtering. Please do not be offended if you do not receive a response.

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